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Francis Turbine

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    The Francis type turbine(also called radial-axial flow turbine or mixed-flow turbine) is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head. The Francis type turbines are compact in structure, reasonable in design, convenience in maintenance and excellent in efficiency. They are in both vertical or horizontal shaft arrangement and could be vastly selected by the hydraulic power stations. With many years of our own experience and absorbing advanced technology from domestic and abroad sources, the supply and design level of Francis type turbine in Bochi has been raised to new stages in meeting ever growing requirements of our clients for various hydraulic power resources.

    The Francis type turbines supplied by the Bochi are ranging from 15 to 700m in water head. 200KW to 200MW in capacity and 0.6 to 4.5m in runner diameter.

    Following VCR is the Francis turbine installation video: