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Hydropower Generator

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    The hydropower generators Bochi supplied are synchronous generators.The generators which are manufactured with advanced technology and excellent machining equipment could be able to meet with the requirement of different technical condition of various types of turbine. Bochi supply range fo the generators from 0.2 to 120 MW in capacity which has been put into operation at present and owns the capabilities to manufacture the following generators: the capacity per unit up to 200 MW; the maximum speed for vertical type unit upto 750r/min; the maximum speed for horizontal type unit upto 1000r/min; F-grade insulation class; the maximum voltage for coil up to 13.8 kV.
    Bochi's manufacture base is equipped with the generator test station and insulation material laboratory, advanced test facilities and test methods to make each performance of products from purchasing to delivering meet with the design requirements.