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Boiler Steel Plate

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  • Boiler Steel Plate

    Boiler Steel Plate
    Boiler Steel Plate


    Boiler steel plate also named as Pressure vessel plate.These steel plates mainly used for building boilers and pressure vessels such aspetroleum, chemical industry, power plant, boiler, uses in manufacturing the reactor, the heat interchanger, the separator, the spherical tank, the oil gas storage holder.
    Rolling specifications range:Thickness within 6-300mm,Width within 1500-4000mm,Length within 4500-14000mm.
    Additional technical terms: Heat treatment such as Normalized,NACE included HIC and SSCC test,UT according to A435/A435M, A577/A577M, A588/A588M and so on.

    Mainly Application:

    Used in the manufacture of the main body of the pressure vessel equipment and parts of professional pressure vessel steel plates. Most of the pressure vessel by steel plate tailor-welded and into. In the manufacturing process of steel pressure vessel to undergo cold heat processing and welding, so the requirement pressure vessel steel plate with good process performance, and requires a certain intensity and enough toughness, that in normal working conditions under the load without brittle failure happens.

    Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, boiler, etc, and used to make the reactor, heat exchanger, separator, spherical tank, YouQiGuan, liquid tank, nuclear power reactors YaLiKe, boiler drum, liquefied oil steam bottle, high-pressure hose, spiral turbine hydropower station equipment and components.

    Product Description Information:

     Boiler Steel Plate Standard:

    ASTM A302  ASTM A202  ASTM A204  ASTM A299

    EN10028-5  DIN17155  ASME SA662  ASME SA302

    ASME SA517  ASME SA537  ASME SA516  ASME SA515

    ASME SA203


    1. Can Z15-Z35 each brand production of layered tear resistance (thickness direction performance steel plate.)

    2. Production specifications: 8 mm-40 mm thickness and width 1500 mm to 3900 mm, length of 3000 mm to 18000 mm. Agreement by both parties, which can supply the more big specifications of the steel plate.

    3. According to the properties and delivery state user needs, steel plate can be hot rolling and controlled rolling, annealing, normalizing, tempering, is fire and tempering, conditioning and state delivery.