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CQCCIE Founded, Bochi is one of the initiate units

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  •     Summary:CQCCIE Founded, Bochi is one of the initiate units

    Chongqing Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export. (abbreviated as CQCCIE) was founded at 5th. February, 2016. Almost all the top companies with import and export business in Chongqing joined CQCCIE. Bochi Corporation is one of the initiate units.

    CQCCIE shall make the connection between the enterprises and the government more convenient, reflect the demands and solve the problem of channel more open,and also can to a certain extent, standardize enterprise credit management, and improve the ability of evading market risk.At the same time, it will also make a platform and allocate resources, explore the international market for more businesses to promote their "going out", and introduce more excellent enterprises to invest in chongqing.